Southampton Student Running as Lib Dem Candidate in General Election


Thomas Gravatt, a Modern History and Politics student at the University, will run as a Southampton Liberal Democrat candidate in the upcoming General Election. 

Gravatt will represent the Lib Dems in the Southampton Test constituency which is currently represented by Labour MP Alan Whitehead. The news follows Parliament voting in favour of a General Election which will take place on 8th June this year.

Thomas Gravatt, Credit: Southampton Liberal Democrats

Gravatt previously campaigned for the Liberal Democrats during the Witney and Richmond Park Parliamentary by-elections and was also a candidate in recent Union Southampton elections, running for Union President and VP Engagement in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

The Liberal Democrat’s statement announcing its Southampton candidates reveals that Gravatt is particularly interested in ‘addressing the root causes of inequality that lead to issues such as homelessness’, opposes the ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ introduced by the Conservatives, advocates electoral reform, and is a campaigner against a ‘Hard Brexit’.

Gravatt told the Wessex Scene:

“The general election being called was a shock but the Lib Dems have been preparing for one since the referendum last year.

“We are ready to run a full campaign on the important issues facing the city. My focus will be on homelessness, the environment – particularly the cities incredibly poor air pollution and cycling infrastructure, campaigning against the Snoopers Charter, and fighting against Theresa May’s dangerous Hard Brexit agenda.

“I am also proud to be running as a current student at the University of Southampton and will be fighting for a good deal for students and young people.

“Labour have failed to hold this government to account and even voted with the Conservatives to trigger Article 50 – we deserve better, we need a true alternative to Labour’s incompetence and the Conservatives Brexit recklessness. The Liberal Democrats are that alternative.”


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