Nigel Farage To Visit Eastleigh’s The Concorde Club Tomorrow


Former leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage (who Donald Trump dubbed as ‘the man behind Brexit’), will be visiting Eastleigh’s The Concorde Club tomorrow to meet local residents of Hampshire and answer their questions.

The event, which was organised long before Prime Minister Theresa May called the snap election, sees the controversial politician return to the constituency where he fought his first by-election as a UKIP candidate in 1994 and he came fourth in the results.

Mr. Farage’s visit has sparked some controversy, with activists for Stand Up To Racism and The Art House Cafe Owner, Jani Franck, urged entertainers and music enthusiasts to boycott the venue unless the event with Nigel Farage was cancelled.

Southampton’s Stand Up To Racism has also urged people to join them in a counter event organised from 16:00 to 19:30 tomorrow, thirty minutes before the event starts, in what can be reasonably interpreted as a protest against Mr. Farage’s visit.

The voluntary organisation will be holding a welcoming community ‘world food’ picnic at Eastleigh Lakeside, where attendees are encouraged to bring food for multiple people. After the picnic, the group will be assembling outside Eastleigh’s Concord Club.

Joe Dukes, one of the event organisers, told the Daily Echo:

Our demonstration will be a loud and vibrant celebration to show that we do not agree with the politics of Nigel Farage. It is not against UKIP, it is against Nigel Farage’s politics. He is the face of modern day right wing in Britain…

We aim to bring a broad range of people together, with a view to collectively celebrate the diversity Eastleigh is enriched by.

The Concord Club’s Director Jamie Mathieson also commented:

We had an opportunity to host an evening with Nigel Farage, we were approached by his agent. We thought it would be of interest to people and we live in a country of free speech.

It is not a political rally, he will be talking about his life. The Concorde Club does not have a political stance on Nigel Farage.

People are entitled to their opinions, as is Mr Farage.

One witty reader of the Daily Echo also provided his thoughts on the boycott, addressing them to Mr. Steve Benson stating:

So Steve Benson is ‘horrified’ that Nigel Farage dare to speak at the Concorde Club and suggests a boycott.

Mr Benson, as a long standing member, I am sure you won’t be missed.

The Concorde Club will no doubt survive this ‘horror’ and continue to provide us with some wonderful evenings of entertainment.

Mr. Mathieson has reported that there has not been any negative comments from his regular clientele about the planned event with Mr. Farage.


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