Southampton Graduate Contributes to TV Baftas Win


Tom Crowley, a former University of Southampton student, contributed to the BBC’s popular Planet Earth II nature programme; which has recently been awarded numerous awards. 

Crowley, who graduated from Southampton in 2001 with a BSc in Marine Science, works as a wildlife camera operator and assistant producer for the BBC’s Natural History Unit. He filmed scenes for Planet Earth II, including the confrontation that saw a newly-hatched Iguana flee from Galapagos racer snakes, which had us all on the edge of our seats!

Planet Earth II won two awards at this year’s British Academy Television Awards (BAFTAs), including ‘Best Specialist Factual’ and ‘Must-see Moment’. The Iguana sequence has also been awarded the ‘Timeline TV Moment of the Year’ at the Broadcast Awards.

Crowley has also worked on the BBC’s Frozen Planet and will be working on the BBC’s next series Seven Worlds.

Speaking to Southampton Connects, Crowley, who became involved in camera work after university, has said:

“The reaction to the Marine Iguana sequence has been quite remarkable. I would never have guessed that people would be shouting and cheering at their televisions as a small reptile ran furiously away from a bunch of snakes! It was just the type of story I love to film – really strong behaviour and very compelling.

“The degree has come in useful. It has opened doors and I have worked on stories which my studies have really helped with. My degree also helped align me with certain projects which required a strong understanding of the marine environments in order to dissect the research data to establish when, where and how to film the sequence.

“I enjoyed my time at Southampton and was glad I pursued the degree – it definitely helped me get where I am today.”

You can read the University’s full interview with Tom here.







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