UPDATED: Conservative Association in Screenshot Scandal Over Attack on Nurses


The Soton Marxists Facebook page have today released a screenshot, reportedly from the Southampton University Conservative Association Committee group chat, revealing a controversial view regarding the financial situation of nurses.

The screenshot reads:

“I’m just gonna say it, if you’re so shit at managing your finances you have to go to a food bank on a nurses sallery [sic] you’re not safe around patients… we survive on half of that as students”

This statement was combined with a screenshot of what a nurse’s salary is.

Credit: Soton Marxists

The screenshot dates back to May 2nd, just as the campaigns for the General Election were starting to take shape.

Update at 16:50, Southampton University Conservative Association have released the following statement:

“In response to a recent comment made by an ex-committee member of Southampton University Conservation Association I would like to stress that the society is not officially affiliated with the Conservative party.

The views expressed belong to the member in question only and are not reflective of the party, the society or any other members. They are not a member of the Conservative party itself of our society.

As President of the society I would like to apologise to nurses everywhere and thank them for their hard work and dedication.

We do not condone the statement made and an investigation is currently underway.”

Update at 16:53, Ros Frayard-Smith,  President of Nursoc have also released the following statement.

We are a non-partisan society, and firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own views. That being said, when these views go beyond policy and become personal attacks on a person or group of people, then we strongly disagree with them. I would welcome anyone who holds these beliefs to come and speak to any nursing student about how hard we work and the ways in which nurses frequently go well above and beyond their pay grade to provide care and compassion to all. Then we’ll see if they still question our capabilities.

Update at 16:56, a petition has been created titled “Southampton Conservative Society Must Apologise to the Nursing Profession”

Update at 17:47, The Union have made a statement on their website:

“We are extremely proud of our student nurses and the hard work and dedication they put into their very demanding studies. We are grateful to those who choose a profession that requires such passion and commitment.

We have a history of supporting our 2,500 nursing members, and we strongly condemn the comments and sentiments expressed towards them today. We take any complaints seriously, and will investigate them thoroughly.

With the current political situation, and the General Election coming up, we strongly encourage students’ political involvement and healthy debate, but will not tolerate offensive comments or behaviour.”

Update at 22:04, 20/05.

The petition has reached over 4,700 supporters.


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