Student Gets Wi-fi Suspension After Illegally Downloading “Chicken Run” at Bristol University


A University of Bristol student has received a 20-day suspension from the Eduroam network after being caught downloading the animated classic Chicken Run (2000) using BitTorrent 

As it was taking more than a day to be completed, she finally watched it legally on Netflix with some friends, while forgetting the download. She also commented that another person has been caught for the same reason.

Forced to rely on The Cloud and 4G in her university dorm, it apparently didn’t have such a negative impact on her studies, despite happening during exam season.

She will only be able to use the University’s connection again after signing an agreement to adhere to their guidelines.

While BitTorrent is a sharing network used to send large files from one person to another, some people also use it to illegally transfer files including copyrighted movies.

This reminds us again of the consequences from illegally downloading films, which is still widespread due to their easy access. Furthermore, universities across the country have made it clear that they will not tolerate illegal media download. Similar problems also arise with students trying to watch programmes from certain suppliers without a TV Licence.

Last October, an article was issued on the University of Southampton’s iSolutions website stating:

 If you do download anything illegally it will be traced back to you. The University receives notification of any illegal download requests originating from the University network. Your faculty will be made aware of your activity and disciplinary action will be taken. You may also be liable to criminal or civil action.


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