New Bubble Tea Café Open Next to City Gateway Halls


Panda, a bubble tea café, opened across the road from City Gateway Halls in April, currently the only vendor to sell exclusively bubble tea in Southampton. 

Credit: Farihah Choudhury

The new café, although unyielding from the outside as there is no distinctive signage, has a decorative noticeboard outside the building, with specials written on it every day. The establishment is of a modest size, but has a couple of sofas and tables to be able to spend some time within the café; it has an attractive interior with bright displays of ingredients. Panda also sells savoury snacks and sweet desserts such as cakes and macarons.

Credit: Farihah Choudhury

Compared to prices in bigger cities, the bubble tea is of a very reasonable value; available in Regular or Large sizes it is priced at £3.50 and £3.80 respectively*. A wide range of flavours are available, including: mango, watermelon, coffee, rose milk, strawberry and more. The drink is delicious and the staff are very helpful and inviting.

They offer 10% off with their flyer, which also has loyalty bonus stamps on the flipside. The leaflet also mentions that Panda offer a local delivery service.

Credit: Farihah Choudhury

Bubble tea is of Taiwanese origin and traditionally consists of enlarged tapioca pearls with a flavoured “tea”, although this can be anything from a light fruity drink to chocolate milk, for example. Fruit jellies are often added as well as “exploding” capsules, usually with a fruity filling. They can be served cold with ice or you can opt to drink them warm, although they are most often enjoyed cold.

Panda’s address is 100 High Road, Swaythling, SO16 3LG and they are open from 11:00 – 18:00.

*In-store prices differ from flyer offered. 


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