Brazil’s President Is Charged With Bribery


Brazilian President Michel Temer is accused of corruption by the country’s Supreme Court; it is the first time a sitting president has faced charges in Brazilian history.

The country’s chief prosecutor has found Mr. Temer guilty of accepting bribes from the boss of the meatpacking firm JBS. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Temer denies these charges.

A Supreme Court judge must now decide if the case should be sent to the lower house of parliament. Brazilian law requires a two-thirds majority to vote for Mr. Temer to be bought to trial and his coalition thinks it can gather enough votes to stop this from happening.

The key evidence in the trial is an audio clip where the president appears to be discussing bribes with Mr. Batista, the head of JBS, which was released during Mr. Batista’s corruption trial.

Temer has faced many accusations since taking over from the impeached Ms Rousseff last year, but this is the first time he has been found guilty, and he is expected to face more charges in the coming weeks.

After the verdict, Mr. Temer made a televised speech from the presidential palace attacking the accusations as baseless. After the tape was released he stated that he would not step down; the next elections are scheduled for October 2018.


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