Southampton University Launches Snapchat Account


The University of Southampton has launched its Snapchat account, existing under the username ‘unisouthampton’.

In addition, to help celebrate the forthcoming summer graduation period, from 19 to 27 July the university will have its own specially branded Snapchat filter available at the Highfield Campus (see below).

Credit: University of Southampton

In a university press release Sean Williams, Executive Director of Engagement and Advancement, said:

“Our dedicated Communications and Marketing team are always looking to develop new and exciting ways in which to enhance student engagement. So we are pleased to introduce our new university Snapchat account launched just in time for the pinnacle event in the student calendar – Graduation.”

The University of Southampton’s new Snapchat account is not the university’s sole social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Student News on Sussed providing other outlets for the university to communicate to students all the latest news.

Updates on university goings-on via WhatsApp can also be received by adding the number +44 (0)77 3300 0781 and messaging “News”, “Events” and/or “Opportunities” to receive personalised updates.

Perhaps the most exciting development of all is that in the press release heralding the dawn of Southampton University’s Snapchat account, they reveal that the Student Communications team will be looking for both staff and students to volunteer to take over the account in the future.

Do you think you’re the Snapchat pro the university is looking for? Interested parties are encouraged to e-mail:




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