Southampton Students On University Challenge This Monday


Next week, on Monday 31st July at 8pm, students from the University of Southampton will feature on BBC2’s University Challenge. 

An impressive 130 universities applied to take part in this season’s competition.

Southampton were successful enough throughout the tough audition process to progress to the final 28.

On Monday, they will face off their first match against Cardiff students.

The team members representing Southampton are:

Lorna Frankel – Natural Science

Niall Jones – English

Andy Knighton – Medicine

Paulo Ledesma – Medicine

Reserve: Stephen Barnes – PhD Chemical Education.

Credit: ITV Studios

When asked how she felt when she found out she was on the show, Team Captain, Lorna Frankel, responded:

To be honest, I was speechless when I found out I was on the team – my flatmate found me hyperventilating in the kitchen over my boiling pasta; I’ve watched the show for years so to actually be on it, especially as captain, is a long-held dream come true and a bit of a surreal experience.

She added:

Its been great getting to know the team through training – we’ve learned a lot of new things, and I think that our strengths and weaknesses complement each others’ well, but most importantly, we always have a good laugh together. I am unbelievably proud to be captain of such a fantastic team and immensely grateful for their hard work and good humour; I just hope that we can do the University proud!

Remember to tune in at 8pm this Monday to support the team!


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