Online Gym Membership Renewal Unavailable


The online option to renew Sport and Wellbeing Memberships has been unavailable throughout today.

This news comes at a crucial moment as the memberships are still available at the 2016/2017 prices until the end of today.

This means students that are not currently in Southampton will have to email to request renewal at the current prices rather than the new higher pricing scheme for next year.

Sport and Wellbeing replied to a concerned student on what caused the unavailability:


As only student ID services are affected, members of the public, University staff and community partners are still able to renew their membership.

Sport and Wellbeing told Wessex Scene :

Sport and Wellbeing normally allows people to renew membership either online of in person at the Jubilee or at Mayflower Gym.  Unfortunately a third party system supplier that acts as a portal between our accounting software and the online store has failed, essentially the link is broken.  This means that online renewal is currently unavailable.  We would encourage anyone wanting to renew today to come into the Jubilee or Mayflower tonight.  It is worth noting that you are only eligible to renew if you are within the last month of your membership.  If you are eligible and you cannot make it tonight, please send us an e-mail before 10.00pm tonight and we will honour the price as if you had bought the membership today.  We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

While Sport VP Steve Gore commented :

SUSU is encouraging students to renew or buy new membership for Sport and Wellbeing today as this is the last opportunity students will have to purchase membership at this year’s price of £165. Some students are rightfully concerned that the online renewal system is currently unavailable due to third party issues. In response to the online renewal system being unavailable, Sport and Wellbeing have decided to honour any legitimate renewal requests sent via email to before 10pm tonight. They will be asking members to consider their eligibility before emailing however, as any memberships activated after 1st September 2016 will not be able to be renewed today and therefore will have to pay for membership under the new membership system from tomorrow onwards. New memberships must still be purchased in person at Jubilee or Mayflower gym.


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