New Shuttle Bus For WSA Students


Following student requests, SUSU has announced that a new 44-Seat Bus will be replacing the currently WSA shuttle bus as of Monday 18th September.

The bus will run Monday to Friday between 8am and 11pm on an hourly basis during term-time. There will be additional stops at Erasmus Park and Riverside Way during the evening. The bus will also pick up and drop off from the following locations:

  • Southampton – Highfield (Interchange)
  • Winchester (WSA)
  • Winchester (Erasmus Park – evenings only)

This change has been implemented following the popularity of the WSA shuttle bus in the recent years, which has proven the need for investment in the resource of a larger and more frequent bus.

This change will give WSA students more flexibility to travel between the Highfield and Winchester Campuses. The overall aim is to help WSA students make the most

of everything that the university has to offer on Highfield Campus.

VP Student Communities at SUSU, Arun Aggarwal, said:

The Union has been lobbying the University for a better, more frequent service, that reach more students and make them feel part of the wider University of Southampton. This is in response to a huge amount of student feedback that we have received, and I am pleased that they have acted upon it because it is a massive milestone after lots of hard work from both sides.

The new bus fills a demand for WSA students to be able to get more involved with activities, campaigns and societies in Southampton, and vice versa. I couldn’t be happier that students from WSA are able to travel easier to and from Highfield. If you have any more ideas or comments that the Union may be able to aid with, please email me at or tweet me, @SotonVPSC

Any comments that students may wish to make regarding the new shuttlebus service, please email


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