Winchester Fire Causes Significant Disruption to City Centre


A fire that began in a building on Winchester High Street on Monday has caused major disruptions: leading to a temporary evacuation and closure of the surrounding area. 

In the mid-afternoon it was reported that a fire had began on the roof of Three Minsters House, a building owned by Hampshire County Council. The emergency services were quickly notified of the incident and more than 50 firefighters were called in to tackle the blaze.

Workers who were refurbishing the property at the time were evacuated and the section of the High Street between B335 Southgate Street and B3040 Romsey Road was closed as a result.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service Control commented on Twitter that they deployed 10 pumps to douse the flames.

According to the Hampshire Chronicle, firefighters were on the scene for 5 hours between 1pm and 6pm.

No-one was injured in the proceedings, although as a precautionary measure South Central Ambulance service deployed personnel to the scene.

The firefighters are said to have been aided in their efforts to tackle the fire with regular cups of tea from staff at the nearby Winchester Law Courts.


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