Laptops Banned in The Bridge


SUSU has made the decision to ban usage of laptops in The Bridge bar/cafe.

The change happened with little publicity, leaving many students disappointed with the lack of a more ‘casual‘ study space. Expressing this concern, University of Southampton student Marie Avis said:

Not all students work best in atmospheres like the library… this could prevent them from accessing the best environment for them to work in.

Fellow student Rosie Doyle believes this decision will be further detrimental to societies, due to it often being ‘difficult to find space for committee meetings‘ when the SUSU meeting rooms are all fully booked.

SUSU president Flora Noble has acknowledged student feeling on this matter and has said that she will take their decision to the Sabb/Senior Leadership Team today (09/10/17) for further discussion.

Here are some of the other comments provided by students in relation to the ban:

To have your say on the banning of laptops in The Bridge, follow this link and let SUSU know what you think.


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