Bridge Laptop Ban Lifted


The controversial banning of laptops in the Bridge has been altered to make the bar a ‘laptop-free zone‘  at peak times only (between 11:00-14:00).

After many students expressed their concerns about the ban through social media and the Union’s You Make Change page, Union President Flora Noble felt it was ‘great to have so much feedback on an issue that really matters to students‘.

Feedback from You Make Change demonstrates the opposition from students towards the ban. Comments ranged from the ban ‘making no sense coming from a union that is supposed to be for students‘, to it being ‘completely understandable, and yet entirely not thought-through‘. Many saw a compromise as the best decision, believing the ban should ‘only be in place during peak-times‘, which is the advice that the Union has decided to take.

The new policy will be enforced from 01 November 2017 and shows that students can make a change on campus.


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