Update – VP Engagement, Dan Varley, Banned From Bars After Alleged Drinking Scandal


Dan Varley who has continued in his role as the VP Engagement officer from the last academic year has been banned from all the Union bars. 

According to the Tab, his banning was a result of him instigating a 350 long Jägerbomb train in the Stag’s bar.

Allegedly, following the Jägerbomb train staff members reported him for being too rowdy. As a result a ban has been enforced on his attendance at the unions bar for an indefinite period of time.

However, according to our source this is not correct:

The jäger train wasn’t instigated by him, ordered by him or paid for by him. The jäger train simply happened to be at an event where he got too drunk and acted inappropriately.

This is not the first time staff members have complained about Dan Varley’s conduct. During the freshers period his behaviour was said to be rude and rowdy and one source stated that:

This was the last straw since he was already in trouble.

Several individuals have come forward and stated that the banning was not just the result of Varley’s behaviour to encourage drinking but also due to some of his recent actions on the night of the freshers rep awards.

During the night, it is believed that the Sabbatical Officer pulled down another individual’s trousers. Eye witnesses have also reported that Varley then moved his face towards the private area of that individual and that some onlookers may have even captured photographic evidence of this occurring.

Union President, Flora Noble, told Wessex Scene that she will not comment on the incident at this time.


The individual whose trousers were pulled down has informed Wessex Scene of their stance on the incident. The individual has stated that Dan’s actions felt like a joke that had gone a bit too far but that they do not feel that Dan should be fired as a consequence. They hope that Dan receives a strong warning about his actions and believes that the decision to ban him from the union bars is the correct consequences for his actions.

Update: The Union Responded on the 27th November.

At the University of Southampton Students’ Union, we always aim to uphold and promote ethical behaviours by both our employees and our members. We condemn any behaviours which go against our values and any allegations of this nature will always be promptly investigated by the organisation and the appropriate action taken.

As Sabbatical Officers are employees of the Union, these allegations have been investigated independently in line with our internal HR policy.  We cannot provide detail of the outcome of this investigation as it is a confidential HR matter, however we can confirm that an independent consultant was contracted to support with the matter which followed the correct procedure and that this has now concluded.

We will not be making any further comments relating to the alleged incident.



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