Students to Protest University Budget Cuts


Several students disagree with the budget cuts to the University and changes that are due to be implemented over the course of the academic year, following the Vice-Chancellor’s All Staff Address last week.  

As a result of the decision made, a group of students from Socialist Students Southampton have organised a protest this Wednesday on the 22nd November. The protest will be held on the Redbrick from 11am to 3pm.

The organisers of the protest will be wearing fluorescent jackets and holding megaphones on the day.

The group hope their protest will prevent several changes from occurring and meet some of their following demands:

  • To stop the unnecessary 75 lecturer redundancies
  • To prevent the merging of the Humanities faculties (let them continue as 8 faculties instead of the proposed 5)
  • Immediately freeze tuition fees to prevent them from going any higher
  • Once the education budget has been reinstated with the full funding (to pre-2010 standards) that tuition fees are to be abolished (lobbying the Vice Chancellor to lobby the government)
  • Replace the existing pension scheme so that the university once again pays into staff’s pension funds.
  • For the USS to remain fair in it’s pension schemes for staff.

As more individuals join the campaign against the University’s budget cuts, the demand list may increase to reach for further change.

The group say:

This will be the first event in the start of a campaign to demand better education for all at the university.

You can find out more about the Socialist Students Southampton group here on their Facebook page or view the event page here.


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    I’m sorry: but what has this got to do with the ongoing Tory-Labour debate (as the feature picture suggests). I think it’s quite disrespectful that students would use this to start making points about Corbyn or May. Staffs jobs are at risk: respect that. Furthermore, you’ll make Tory-supporting students feel like they can’t equally stand against the university cuts: when they can.

    Again on the same line the issue HERE is staff cuts: stop hijacking on this to protest 10,000 other things. This ought not to be about demanding ‘better education for all’ but about students standing with staff when they are treated unfairly by the university.

    Essentially: this has not been thought through properly, is not respectful of the issue at hand here, and using the issue to simply moan about other things. Its a great example of students thinking they have the right to complain about everything, even when they haven’t bothered to undersand what the issue really is.

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