Join The Mind Society Charity Walk To Winchester Cathedral


The Southampton University Mind Society will be embarking on their annual Santa walk to Winchester from Highfield Campus on 2nd December. 
The group are the student wing of the Solent Mind charity. They carry out fundraising and wellbeing events for students, and aim to support students and their friends as well as the charity itself.
In collaboration with the Hillwalking society, they will be walking to Winchester Cathedral from the Redbrick, a total distance of 17km. The society are keen to build on the success of last year’s walk, which raised over £1,000.
They will be gathering on the Redbrick at 9am on 2nd December for all those interested in joining. You can find out more information about this event and their other events throughout the year on their Facebook page.
Many participants of the walk last year thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the event, and cited it as an amazing experience which allowed everyone to chat and get to know each other whilst walking. The walk also provides an opportunity for people to experience the many benefits of exercise on mental health.
You can donate to the group on their JustGiving page.

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