Online Optional Module Choice Will Open Later Following Student Feedback


The opening of the online optional module choice system will now take place on the second Monday back after Easter, rather than straight after the Easter break.

This means in practice that instead of the online option choice in Spring 2018 taking place from Monday 16th April, the new online optional module choice period will begin on Monday 23rd April.

The move comes after extensive feedback from students about the disadvantages of having the online optional choice ballot open straight after Easter break, and consultation between SUSU and the university about changing it.

Commenting on the move, SUSU Vice-President for Education, Samuel Dedman, said:

I’m pleased to hear that the module choice dates have been changed, allowing students to properly consider their future degree options before having to commit to them. This is something that the student body and the Students’ Union Academic Reps have actively campaigned on over a number of years, and so this is a significant win for them in improving the student experience at Southampton.

The move was announced via the University of Southampton’s Student Communications Facebook page. In the post, Student-Staff Liaison Committees were cited as one particular channel through which students had queried why the opening of online option choice was scheduled the day immediately following the end of Easter break.


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