Student Hit by Car in Hit and Run on Highfield Lane


A first year, mechanical engineering student was hit by a speeding car last night.

The incident happened at around 10pm on Highfield Lane whilst two students were walking.

An eye-witness reported to Wessex Scene that the car was speeding and came from behind the victim. The driver then swerved onto the pavement and hit the student before swerving back on the road, but entirely missed his friend.

The victim hit the windscreen which was smashed as a result and went over the car before hitting the road. Thankfully the individual remained conscious and only suffered a minor head injury.

The witness believes that the car was a silver hatchback and further online searching suggests that it may be a Renault Megane, but it is not entirely certain.

If anyone knows anything about the incident please contact the police who are currently carrying out an investigation.


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