Vice-Chancellor Meets With Students At 3:30pm Today


The Vice-Chancellor, Sir Christopher Snowden, is due to meet with University of Southampton students at 3:30pm to 4:15 pm today in the Avenue cafe. The University failed to informed students of this informal drop-in due to an IT glitch.

Many staff and fellow students have suggested that it is vital students attend to discuss any questions or concerns they may have.

This informal meeting comes after it was controversially revealed that the VC earns £433,000 a year, despite the University cutting the number of faculties from 8 to 5, and closing 75 academic posts to save money. The University has also recently been criticised for advertising for a chauffeur to drive a car for senior staff during these cuts.

The University sent an email to a small number of students informing them of this meeting with the Vice Chancellor, yet most students did not receive the email until this morning or at all. This has been cited as a result of an “IT glitch” according to a follow-up email.

The delayed email stated that this meet was an opportunity to discuss any:

questions, concerns ideas or feedback you would like to share with the V-C

Many feel this is an opportunity to raise any issues or concerns students may have directly to the Vice-Chancellor.


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