Reported Drink Spiking Incident at The Stag’s Bar


It has been reported that drink spiking has occurred at the Union’s Stags bar which resulted in at least one victim being hospitalised.  

Unfortunately, the weekly karaoke event took a sour turn on Thursday night between 12-1am when an individual was unknowingly slipped GHB, also known as the date rape drug.

On Thursday night, a female was found passed out and had to receive CPR due to the extremely high levels of toxins in her system from the drug. The victim has spoken out about the incident to Wessex Scene, as follows:

I had a few drinks, but not excessive, so when I started to feel very hot and my body was tingling, my friends knew something was wrong. One second I was dancing with my friends and the next I was running to the toilets before collapsing and going into respiratory arrest. The police and the ambulance were called and CPR was administrated before I was taken to hospital.

I was placed on life support for 10 hours and then placed in intensive care for a further 5 hours until I was transferred to another ward which is where I have been ever since and it does not look like I will be heading home imminently.

When the hospital called my parents they did not know if I would wake up. It was so incredibly stupid and dangerous of whoever did it.

Wessex Scene has been informed by staff members that this is not an isolated incident and at least one other individual became victim to drink spiking this weekend.

Another young woman was taken to the hospital on Saturday night after being slipped a drug, they also believe this happened at the Stags bar.

Wessex Scene have reached out to Union President, Flora Noble, for a comment on these incidents of drink spiking at the Union.

Important to note – The Union does offer the facility of a safety bus home that they encourage all students to use. Furthermore, they have also recently joined the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign and started the ‘angel shot’ order. They urge students who feel uncertain or unsafe to use these precautions. All they have to do is go to the bar and ask for Angela or order an angel shot. This way staff members will then be made aware that you need help and can intervene.

We urge anyone who knows anything about these incidents to please come forward and speak out.


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