Southampton RAG Raises Incredible Total of £38,625.11


Over the last four months, the University of Southampton’s Raise and Give Society (RAG) have raised an impressive total of £38,625.11

The money raised was given to over twenty charities, including: CLEAR, Mind and AIDS Orphan.

Many different student societies took part in fundraising:

British Red Cross, Cameroon Catalyst, Coppafeel, Engineering Soc, Hindu Soc, Humanist Society, Islamic Society, Jazzmanix, Korfball, LGBT+, Lopsoc, MedSoc, MindSoc, MNDA, Netball, SKIP, SUSingers, Unicef on Campus Wateraid and Zumba+.

The fundraising activities that took place varied greatly, for example: charity quiz nights, 24-hour bike rides and bake sales. They also put on seasonal themed events including santa walks and pumpkin carving events.

2017-18 RAG President, Charlie Morris commented on this achievement saying:

I am so proud of the huge amount of money students have raised this term. Everyone has worked so hard and the total reflects that. It shows that when students come together for great causes we really can make such a difference.

SUSU VP Engagement, Dan Varley, added:

Congratulations and well done to everyone who has fund-raised so far this year. Your hard work and dedication has worked towards this fantastic total.


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