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The Southampton Student Sexual Consent Awareness (SCA) society are looking for students to fill vacant positions on their committee.

The society was set up during the 2016-17 academic year. It aims to tackle the issues of consent, sexual harassment and rape in Southampton, as well as sexual health. These issues are close to the hearts of many students, and as a result the society has already gained a lot of attention. The group are hoping to continue expanding their impact among our student community and do that they need more student support and involvement.

The SCA society discuss the importance of consent on their Facebook page:

The issue of Sexual Consent isn’t confined just to Southampton, or to university; but we hope that by raising awareness of the issue and debunking the myths, we can go some way to helping tackle this issue which has been brushed under the carpet for too long!

If you are interested, then there is plenty of opportunity to get involved with the committee and to help spread the society’s message.

On Wednesday 10th January 2018 there will be a EGM at 6:30-8pm in Meeting Room 2 of the Union Building. The meeting is open to all students. Those who do not wish to run for a committee position can still come and vote.

The currently vacant positions are:


Deputy Co-Ordinator (Outreach)

Deputy Co-Ordinator (Volunteers)


HIVE Liaison

Sports Liaison


Marketing Liaison

Sports Liaison

The committee have several future events planned, and they hope that with more active members they can make their impact reach even further. Sexual consent awareness is becoming increasingly important and relevant, especially in light of recent events during freshers when two students were reportedly victims of instances of sexual assault.

Laura Barr, a member of the SCA society, commented:

Unfortunately, there will be multiple instances where sexual assault and harassment goes unspoken and unreported and sadly, there will be multiple victims that blame themselves for these events. Here at SCA society, we are trying to combat that. We focus on sexual health and assaults against men, women and non-binary individuals, regardless of sexuality, religion or race.

If you have any questions about the society and how to get involved then you can directly email Laura Barr: and Sarah Goddard: or you can visit the SCA society’s Facebook page here.


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