Results of All-Student Vote on Proposed University Restructuring Announced


The all-student vote run by SUSU on the proposed university restructuring has seen a vast majority of respondents call for the Vice-Chancellor’s pay to be cut as part of the changes.

In total, 2,035 votes or 90.6% of those who voted, responded ‘Yes’ to the question ‘Do you believe that the Vice-Chancellor’s pay should be cut as part of the restructure?’ A total of 211 votes, or 7.6%, opted for ‘No’.

The other two questions put by SUSU, ‘Do you believe that there has been full and clear consultation with students on this restructure?’ and ‘Do you believe that cuts to academic staff will be detrimental to the student experience?’, produced similarly critical responses.

Only 15% of students who voted, or 325 votes, agreed that there had been ‘full and clear consultation with students‘ about the restructuring, while 1,843 votes or 85% were cast disagreeing.

Finally, 2,117 votes, or 92.6% of total respondents, agreed that they believed that cuts to academic staff could be detrimental to the student experience, with only 174 votes opposed.

A total of 2,335 individual students took part, achieving quoracy.

The all-student vote was triggered by a prior petition in early December calling for the Vice-Chancellor’s pay to be cut, not academic posts, which cleared the 250 vote threshold to trigger a referendum with a total of 416 signatures. In the petition, it was cited that the Vice-Chancellor’s salary for 2016-17 was a 53% increase from 2012.

The questions put to vote were formulated by SUSU and the original petition organisers, Caspar Donnison, Ben Seifert and Filippo Carozzo.

Releasing the results of the all-student vote via a blog post, Vice-President for Democracy and Creative Industries Evie Reilly stated that:

The entire Sabbatical team will be meeting on Tuesday to determine how best to present these results to the University and agree on specific actions we expect them to take. Our President Flora Noble will be taking this to University Council next Thursday.

Our priority is to look after the academic interests of our members, and we will make sure that the student experience is at the heart of every decision made by both the University and the Union.

Reilly also appealed for anybody who had any questions to contact her via email on



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