Jesters Is Up for Sale!


The infamous but much loved Southampton student nightclub and accompanying bar is currently being advertised for sale.

The properties of Jesters and Clowns has appeared on Rightmove waiting for offers from potential buyers in the region of £1,600,000.

In the section labelled ‘Development Opportunity’ the current tenants mention the possibility of creating student accommodation on the property:

The first floor and second floor have received limited attention over the years however [sic]there is huge development opportunity, Architects [sic]have created drawings which are on file. This would encompass up to 8 flats, in prime student accommodation territory.

If these plans are to be taken up by the new owners then some students could potentially become permanent residents of the ‘palace of dreams’.

Of course, there is still concern across the student population as to what will become of Jesters once it is in the hands of someone else.

Will Jesticles still exist? Will they get rid of the twobicle? Will the floors not be sticky anymore?

We’ve reached out to a representative from Jesters for a comment and they’ve explained the reason for potentially selling Jesters:

The current owners have been running jesters since 1987 and are now in their 70’s and looking to retire. Should we find a suitable buyer, great efforts will be made to ensure new owners keep to the jesters ethos which has made it such success over the past 31 years.

Although it will be very sad to see the current owners of Jesters go, we may all be able to rest a little easier now that we know the ethos of jesters will live on.


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