Official Candidates for the 2018 Union Elections


It is that exciting time of year again, when you find out who will be fighting for your votes to gain a place on the Union sabbatical team. Here is the official candidate list of 2018/2019: 

VP Engagement 

Miles Jordan

Charlie Morris

Fleur Elizabeth Walsh

VP Communities 

Emily Harrison

Chang Lian

Harvey Rickatson

Mingjie Yu

VP Education

Samuel Dedman

Alexandra Turda

VP Welfare

Miriam Barker

Isabella Camilleri

Iona McPherson

Olivia Reed

David Williams

Mairin Williams

Qiaochu Yang

VP Sports

Patrick Gilbert

Steve Gore

Jiaxin Wang

VP Democracy and Creative Industries (DCI)

Tom Brown

Chris Hartland

Evie Reilly

Union President

Matt Cowley

Emily Dawes

Grant Green

Lii Mohamed

Shanelle Webb

There are also many student leader roles up for grabs during this election and here are the official candidates for all the roles – Brace yourself, there’s a lot!

Wessex Scene Editor 

Ivan Morris Poxton

The Edge Editor

Thea Hartman

Surge Radio Station Manager 

Polly Marquis

SUSUtv Station Manager 

Benjamin McQuigg

Lydia Pallot

Union Films Cinema Manager 

Alexander Petrov

Athletic Union Officer

Tara Granea

Thomas Walker

Clubs and Society Officer

Corin Holloway

Chang Lian

Melanie Yu

Community and Volunteering Officer

Adnan Bakir

Charlotte Colombo

Katja Stout

Engineering and Physical Sciences Faculty Officer

Abhinav Aggarwal

Environmental and Life Sciences Faculty Officer

Samuel Green

Jessica Sainsbury

Equality and Diversity Officer

Laura Barr

Ethics and Environmental Officer

Amber Angus

Lucy Stephenson

Halls Officer

Emily Whelan

International Students’ Officer 

Dominika Jedrzejewska

Ruiwen Yu

Joint Honours Officer

Swathy Sanjay Kumar Sindhu

Medical Society President

Kunal Namjoshi

Medicine Faculty Officer (Medsoc Vice President) 

David Hendry

National Oceanography Centre (Site) Officer

Lauren Coffin

Nightline Officer

Charlotte Samways

RAG President

Janane Rajamohan

Benjamin Shaw

Social Sciences Faculty Officer

Adrian Li

Sanjeev Solanki

Sports Participation Officer

Anisha Patel

Patricia-Ioana Sfagau

Student Trustee

Samir Doshi

Oliver Jackson

Katja Stout

Wellbeing Officer

Emily Whelan

Winchester Campus President

Venezia Georgieva

Hannah Teague


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