Recently it has come to Wessex Scene’s attention that Jesters is being sold. The club and adjoining bar have appeared on Rightmove for a price in the region of £1,600,000. Understandably the student community is heartbroken at the prospect of their favourite nightclub being sold off to make flats.

Alan Green, Director of Clowns Wine Bar and Jesters Nightclub, spoke to Wessex Scene about the potential sale;

Obviously I’m heartbroken, if it were up to me we would be around for another 30 years! Unfortunately we’re just not taking enough money anymore, people just don’t go out like they used to.

He continued, saying the nightlife in Southampton has been declining in recent years;

This is partly due to cheap supermarket booze and partly due to the many house parties [sic], people don’t realise it’s killing off late night venues. If things don’t change then soon there won’t be anywhere left to go, unfortunately everyone is struggling.

Now is the time to show our support and #SaveJesters. Jesters is having a Welcome Back party tomorrow night (Friday 9th February), with free entry and queue jump until 11pm on their guestlist. It is only £2 cocktails and £1 jägerbombs all night, if you love Jesters and want to save the club then come along and show your support.

Credit: Jesters

Green finished the conversation with a glimmer of hope:

There’s still a chance of Jesters having a future, but that future lies in the hands of the people of Southampton. I’ve [sic]loved my job and loved meeting all the interesting people that have come with it. As Southampton university has people from all different walks of life, there has never been a dull moment!

May the Jesticles, cheap pints, and sticky floors of our favourite night out live in our hearts forever, we must united to #SaveJesters.


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