VP Sports Candidate Interview with Jiaxin Wang


Wessex Scene interviews Jiaxin Wang, who is running for VP Sports Development in the 2018 Spring Union Elections.


Why have you decided to run for VP Sport?

Because I personally love sport and I do sports almost everyday in the gym or just around, in the park or somewhere. I can do many sports and boards games. I can dive and hike and stuff like that so I run for this.

What experience do you have that makes you the best candidate for VP Sport?

As I said I love sports and I can do many sports. In second year I was once the leader of the science and technology department in the Student union in China so I have experience in running a team and organising events.

What are the main problems you identify facing the current VP role? How would you overcome this?

Many students nowadays don’t like doing sports because they are busy with their studies, so I think we need to motivate them to participate in those activities and exercise more. To encourage people we could organise a sport meeting between WSA and Southampton University by dividing them into two big groups and making them compete. I think that will make people more excited and we could give gifts to the winning team.

 How would you increase participation of students in sport at a casual and elite level?

By giving gifts. One of the other issues is that in WSA we don’t have many spaces for sport activities. Here there is some room for sports on Highfield campus. On WSA we don’t and that’s a problem so we could invite the students in WSA to come to Highfield and enjoy some sports.

How would those gifts fit on a budget?

The gifts shouldn’t be very expensive, just little souvenirs that can be donated from students. 

 If you are elected, what will be your top three focal points?

Just by letting students join our sport events and let this group become stronger and be known by students and even the public. We can also organise competition with other schools sports teams. That’s how we will make people know about us. WSA will also be part of my focus to give student spaces to exercise.

Your personal statement offers no concrete policies which you intend to implement. Could you provide some examples as to how you would maximise sporting experiences for students?

We can organise big sports every month on Highfield campus and give all the students in the University a chance to have a go at a new sport and if they are interested, we could organise more interest groups so they can talk on Facebook so they can organise events themselves and meet and do something together. I don’t have any policies for the current societies, yet. I just go to the gym.

In your personal statement, you acknowledge that there are many challenges to being VP Sport. What do you think the greatest challenge is? How will you overcome this?

One thing is how to motivate students in joining because they’re busy with their studies so I think more about how to make them aware that sport is the most important part of their life. They can do sport themselves every day or at least every week.

As VP Sport, you will be responsible for representing students on sporting matters, and promoting the reputation of the student’s union. What will you do to achieve this?

I will participate in sporting events myself and publish on the Internet to let all the students see that it is really interesting and fun so they may also be interested in joining sports. 


To find out more about Jiaxin Wang and what she wants to achieve in a year as VP Sports Development, read her manifesto here.

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