University Announces New Placement System


The University of Southampton is adopting a new system to help make the process of getting a placement run smoother.

After listening to student and staff’s concerns about placements, the University has announced that they will be investing in a new piece of software to help combat these issues.

The InPlace software will become available to students in the 2018/19 academic year, aiming to help students looking for placement opportunities as well as working closely with employers, University staff, academics and supervisors in order to make the process as easy and beneficial as possible for students.

It has been said the new system will be particularly helpful for students in Engineering, Medicine and Nursing for who placement is a key part of their degree.

InPlace is currently being used by over 30 Universities in the UK, as well as in secondary schools and colleges, and is also used in Australia and other countries worldwide.

InPlace is used for a wide variety of placements including clinical placements, internships, volunteering and international opportunities. They work with many different companies, such as the NHS, to provide a range of placements for students of any discipline, including sectors such as health, education, engineering, business and much more.

The University stated that it will benefit students from:

  • More accessible information about placement opportunities
  • More advanced notice of where placements will be located (for programmes of study with mandatory placements)
  • Better management of pre-placement requirements
  • Improved communication during placements, making it easier for students and supervisors to keep in touch
  • More straightforward submission of timesheets, expenses and assessments (where relevant)

Professor Anne Baileff (Associate Dean Education and Student Experience) has commented:

I am delighted that we have secured InPlace to deliver our new placements management system. The new system will enable us to improve placement flexibility and efficiency, and communicate with our students and stakeholders in a more efficient and timely way. I am confident that this will significantly enhance the experience of our students, and those of our staff engaged with placement activity.

This new software is set not only to help students doing placements as part of their degree, but will also help inspire other students to explore the range of opportunities available to them through placements.


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