University Publishes Equal Pay Review and Gender Pay Gap Data


The University of Southampton published their 2017 Equal Pay Review and their Gender Pay Gap data last Monday.

Although both reports help to understand the gender pay issue, the two are very different. While the former looks at the differences between groups of male and female employees who do work of equal value, the latter measures the difference between the pay of all male and female employees, irrespective of their seniority.

The 2017 Equal Pay review was conducted in collaboration with trade unions. The University held three joint meetings last year and earlier this year to discuss the findings and consider action points.

The University and other organisations have a statutory requirement to report their Gender Pay Gap data through the government’s Gender Pay Gap Services.

The Equal Pay Review showed that the university paid both men and women similar wages for work of equal value.

Yet, the University’s Gender Pay Gap was found to be 20.2 per cent, meaning that female staff at the university are paid 20.2 per cent less than male staff.

The University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, said:

We are confident that our gender pay gap does not stem from paying men and women differently for work of equal value, but is instead the result of the different seniority of roles in which our men and women tend to work. Nevertheless we are under no illusions that we have work to do to address this imbalance. Whilst we have made progress in recent years to address gender imbalances, we will continue to review our policies, processes and practices to ensure we continue to address this gap.

Anne-Marie Sitton, the University’s Executive Director of Human Resources, added:

Our gender pay gap figure is disappointing, but it’s important to remember that this gap is not because we pay men and women differently for the same types of work; it’s because of the different seniority of roles in which our men and women tend to work. The University has taken steps to address these tendencies.

More details on both reports can be found here.


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