New Optional Module Choice System for 2018


The time window for choosing optional modules for 2018 will open at 8am on 23rd April, with the launch of a revamped system intended to make the process fairer for students.

The Online Option Choice (OOC) system had been a frequent source of complaints from students in previous years.

The system often failed under heavy demand – a particular source of frustration to students on courses with first come first served module selection, many of whom found themselves unable to select their preferred modules due to the downtime.

The old system often collapsed under heavy demand | Credit: Samuel Tyler

In 2017, a number of students signed an online petition calling on the University to make changes to the system. The petition described the old process as  ‘not fit for purpose’ , and accused it of ‘causing significant mental stress and anxiety at an already difficult time for students’ .

For 2018, a new process has been implemented which includes a queueing system, email notifications and time estimates. A similar process was first trialled by History students in February this year.

The opening date of the module choice period, which in previous years was straight after the Easter break, has also been moved to the start of the second week back after Easter after feedback from students.

As in previous years, the system can be accessed by clicking on the My Student Record icon on SUSSED.

After  navigating to the OOC system, students will be placed in a queue to access the site. When at the top of the queue, they will then have a ten minute window in which to login to make their module selections.

Once students are logged in, they will have as much time as they require to make their module choices. After 15 minutes of inactivity, or if students do not login during the initial 10 minute window, the session will time out and users will have to rejoin the queue before making their selections.

SUSU Vice-President Education, Sam Dedman, said:

I’m really pleased to see the changes that the University has implemented in preparation for the opening of the 2018 Online Option Choice system, ensuring that it will be as fair, transparent and easy-to-navigate as possible. The changes made address many of the key concerns which students, their Academic Reps and the Union more generally have raised, and I’d like to thank all of the staff and students who have been involved in acting on these issues and getting us ready for this year.

‘These changes have come as a result of the hard work of numerous Academic Reps and students who have pushed the University for a better experience over the past few years’ , he added.

Students will be free to log in again and make changes to their choices at any point during the open period for the OOC system.

The open period will last from 8am (BST) on Monday 23rd April 2018 to 5pm (BST) on Friday 11th May 2018. More information about how to use the OOC platform was provided in a e-mail sent to students this afternoon.

Students who have questions about the system, or are experiencing issues choosing their optional modules can e-mail

Updates will be posted on ISolutions’ ServiceLine Twitter account throughout the first day of the OOC period.



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