Junk Nightclub To Close


Junk Nightclub has announced that it is to close its Southampton venue.

The London Road establishment, which opened 13 years ago, will be shutting its doors for the final time this summer.

In a statement published on Facebook, the club said that maintaining its Southampton venue ‘simply isn’t a viable option anymore at the level we operate and with the increase in running costs for the venue year on year’.

Junk also attributed the decline of its Southampton venue to a public order offence which happened outside the club in 2016.

The club was threatened with closure when its licence was placed under review by Southampton City Council after the incident, but was later allowed to remain open with improved security measures and reduced operating hours.

Junk said that ‘dramatic and largely exaggerated media reports’ of the 2016 incident ‘hugely disrupted trade and therefore finances for the best part of a year’.

Their statement continued:

This [licensing change]was subsequently appealed by our legal team at considerable cost (£50k+) and eventually the review board’s decision was overturned by a magistrates court citing the venue had no influence or was to face no blame for the actions of other individuals involved in the affray in the vicinity of the venue.

The whole ordeal adding up to a cost of circa £200k in loses. The venue ran up heavy debts with institutions such as electricity, water and business rates to the point where we have been running a venue with the weekly break even at approx. double the rate.



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