Changes to The Bridge Laptop Policy for Exam Season


The Bridge has announced that as of today students and staff will be allowed to use laptops and study all day in some areas of the bar.

This means that the soft furnishings and booth seats are no longer subject to the ban on laptops brought into force last year, which was relaxed to between the peak hours of 11am and 2pm each day after initially being enforced whenever the bar was open.

The remaining standalone tables in the venue will be reserved from midday onwards for those purchasing food and drink, and as a result it will not be permitted to use these for study.

In a blog post announcing the changes, SUSU Vice-President Education, Sam Dedman, commented:

The Bridge is our flagship venue, offering great quality food and drink throughout the day. Whilst some students prefer the relaxed environment to study, other students have found it hard to get a table over the lunchtime period to enjoy the creations of our Michelin Trained Head Chef.

Attempts to reconcile these two this year have so far been difficult to monitor and enforce, leading to a system which is hard to understand and hard to manage.

He added that the new plan, which takes into account the results of the study spaces survey conducted earlier this year, ‘opens up as much space for free studying as possible while also ensuring that those who wish to purchase from The Bridge have the room to do so’.

In the afternoons, when The Bridge is often less busy, this new policy may be relaxed at the discretion of the bar’s manager or team leader on duty.


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