SUSU and SCA Society Launch Survey into Sexual Consent Awareness in Sports Societies


The University’s Sexual Consent Awareness (SCA) Society, and SUSU VP Sports Development, Steve Gore, have launched a survey to investigate sexual consent awareness in the University’s sports societies.

The online survey, which can be completed anonymously, states:

After feedback from the SCA week held this year, SCA has decided to put a bigger emphasis on issues of consent in sports communities for the 2018-19 academic year. In order to make sure that the correct amount of resources are allocated, and to learn more about the experiences and prevalence of the issue, this survey has been sent out in the hopes of allowing YOUR VOICE to be heard.

According to the rape crisis charity RAINN, sexual assault ‘refers to sexual contact or behaviour that occurs without explicit consent of the victim’.

The charity explains that forms of sexual assault can include (but are not limited to): attempted rape, unwanted sexual touching, forcing a victim to perform sexual acts, such as oral sex, and penetration of the victim’s body (also known as rape).

Responses to the survey will be used by the SCA society committee and sabbatical officers, and will later be released in a report being worked on by both groups unless respondents specify otherwise.

Incidents of sexual assault can be officially reported via SUSU’s online harrassment tool, which is also anonymous.

Those affected by issues discussed in the survey can find help and support through the SUSU Advice Centre, Enabling Services, Nightline and Yellow Door Southampton.


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