NHS 70th Birthday – #LightUpBlue


Another cause for celebration in the UK this week.

On the fifth of July, the NHS celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Founded in 1948, during the height of the Second World War, it is not only regarded as one of the major social reforms of the 20th century but it also still plays a fundamental role in the current social welfare structure, helping save countless lives.

According to Dave Shields, Southampton City Council cabinet member for Health and Community, the government would like to ‘recognise the historic role that so many have played working in our NHS over the past seven decades.’ Additionally, he openly thanked all nurses and doctors for their immense contribution over the years and expresses his desire for people to ‘consider how they can help their local NHS.’

In honour of its 70th birthday, many historical monuments and buildings around the country are ‘lighting up’ with the organisation’s trademark blue colour. This event also occurs in Southampton at the O2 Guildhall on the evening of the 5th of July. People are encouraged to take photos and share them online under the hashtags #NHS70 and #LightUpBlue.



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