Sport and Wellbeing Membership Changes: Increased Availability of Casual Sport Sessions


Beginning his second year as SUSU VP Sports Development, Steve Gore has announced changes to Sport and Wellbeing membership for students.

In a video statement released on Facebook, Gore confirms that from 1 August 2018 the booking of casual sports sessions in Sport and Wellbeing facilities will now be available to all during off-peak times, regardless of the membership class a student may have. Further, Sports Pass and Frequent Fitness members will be able to access such sessions during peak periods as well.

Gore stated that the changes represent:

…more access to Sports facilities for thousands of students at no extra cost, and will result in friends and teams being able to play casual sport together whenever they want, regardless of what membership level they’ve purchased. This is particularly good news for intramural players and students who want to try a variety of sports on a budget.

He further added:

This cannot have been possible without the sheer amount of student feedback throughout the year. It really goes to show that with enough determination, students can make change to the way the university’s run.

In 2017/18, Sports and Wellbeing membership for students were radically changed, raising the highest possible membership price from £165 to £230 and introducing peak time periods. The University of Southampton’s Sport and Wellbeing student page currently states the same price figures as for 2017/18:

  • Peak Performer – £230 per year
  • Frequent Fitness – £165 per year
  • Workout Central (monthly membership, 1 month minimum term) – £20 per month
  • Sports Pass (1 year membership) – £110 per year
  • Pay As You Go – £6 for Gym prices; variable rates depending on activities for other areas.
Credit: Steve Gore

Steve Gore (above) has further announced that he will be standing as a British Universities and College’s Sport (BUCS) National Student Officer at BUCS conference at the University of the West of England this week.

Formed in June 2008, BUCS is the overall governing body for sport at universities in the UK. In total, 5 candidates are standing for the 4 possible BUCS National Student Officer roles. The candidate with the most votes will also be elected as BUCS Student Director, who will serve on the BUCS Board. The election will take place on Thursday 12 July.


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