‘Extra-Curricular Elective’ Module Launched to Provide Credit for Volunteering


The University has launched a new elective module for the 2018-19 academic year which will allow students to gain academic credit for work and volunteering undertaken outside of the academic environment.

According to the module information page on the University website, students will be able to gain credit for volunteering (and paid work in some circumstances) which ‘develops one or more learning outcomes of your programme of study’.

The page gives examples of work that could be accredited, including: ‘community volunteering of all sorts, committee work for a student or academic society, work for a charity or community organisation, campaigning work for a political organisation…and, in some circumstances, paid work for an outside employer’.

Given the variety of activities which the module encompasses, the exact syllabus and content is likely to vary for each individual student.

While students will be able to opt to take the module via the Online Option Choice system without any prior consultation, they will not be able to formally start on the module until they have produced a proposal and risk assessment which has been approved by the module co-ordinator.

There will also be the option to register the module as a reserve choice and submit outline proposals for informal feedback ahead of deciding whether or not to turn these into formal proposals.

All students enrolled on the module will submit a 5,000 word reflective account at the end of the year. There will also be the option to apply for a Special Elective Achievement (SEA) award, the criteria for which will be devised by individual students in consultation with the module tutor at the end of the year.

The SEA submissions will be judged by a panel of three representatives taken from across the Faculty of Humanities. Those who are successful in obtaining an SEA will have extra marks (up to a maximum of ten) added to the total score for their reflective account.


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