£25m for 50MW Battery as Plans Develop for Southampton Electric Vehicle Charging Hub


Pivot Power has chosen Southampton as the first location for an electric vehicle (EV) charging hub and 50MW battery, making it easier for more electric cars to take to the city’s roads.

The development will be built in Nursling and is expected to be operational by this time next year. It will be one of the UK’s largest charging facilities, able to store enough power for 6,000 homes and 100 cars with one charge.

Over £1.6bn has been invested in energy infrastructure to ‘future proof’ transport networks and prepare for greener forms of energy, and Southampton is the first city to benefit from this funding.

The National Grid currently has the facilities to store 300MW of grid-scale battery storage, meaning that this development will have a considerable impact on a national level.

The new site will put Southampton at the forefront of the smart energy revolution and pave the way for encouraging drivers to switch to modes of transport with lower greenhouse gas emissions, as the city moves towards becoming a Clean Air Zone.

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on 30 July to correct an error. The headline previously stated ’25M Rapid Charging Hub for Electric Vehicles to be Built in Southampton’. We are happy to clarify that up to £25 million is the cost of the 50MW Battery to be installed at the pre-existing Nursling electricity sub-station. Meanwhile, the electric vehicle hub charging part of the project will require a further separate cost and further planning permission.


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