Student Representatives Will Now Sit on Faculty Boards


The University has announced that each Faculty will now have a dedicated undergraduate and postgraduate student representative.

From October 2018, students will have an increased level of representation on their Faculty Boards, the key decision-making bodies in our faculties. Meetings are held three times a year and are intended to advise the Faculty Dean on all levels of faculty management, including improving the student experience and supporting student recruitment.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, first proposed these changes in November 2017 as part of a University-wide restructure.

Professor Alex Neill, Vice-President (Education and Student Experience), added in the University’s press release: ‘Student membership of our Faculty Boards signals our commitment to functioning as one academic community, and will complement the important work done at Department and School Staff-Student Liaison Committees’.

Full details of the nomination process are yet to be confirmed, but Sam Dedman, VP Education, advised that Faculty Officers will be the default student representatives. If they do not wish to take up the position, then it will be opened up to School and Department Officers, indicating that there will not be a separate election for these new positions. Dedman stated:

We at the Students’ Union believe that our reps are the best people to fill these positions, having been through a rigorous election process and being directly accountable to the student body.

However, there will be five new postgraduate representatives elected in the SUSU Autumn Elections. Future announcements on student representation will be made via SUSSED.


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