SUSU and University of Southampton Welcome Improved National Student Survey Results


The annual National Student Survey results have been released and provide positive news for both the University and the students’ union.

Launched in 2005, the NSS assesses final year undergraduate students’ levels of satisfaction with their higher educational experience. The 2018 NSS results have seen the University of Southampton’s overall satisfaction rating rise by 1% to 84%, placing it 68th nationally for overall student satisfaction.

The rise in student satisfaction may have been due to the improvement in satisfaction with SUSU’s academic representation. Just over half of all Southampton students (50.9%) are now satisfied with the Union’s representation, a 7% rise on last year’s figures. The wording of the question put to students regarding satisfaction with their students’ union was as follows: ‘The students’ union (association or guild) effectively represents students’ academic interests’.

In a blog post announcing the news, SUSU President Emily Dawes said:

This is great news and we are pleased to see our hard work during the 2017/18 academic year has had a positive impact on the overall student experience at Southampton…

This result shows we are certainly moving in the right direction towards our vision of being one of the top Students’ Unions in the UK by 2020, but there’s still progress to be made! We will continue to listen to the ideas and feedback of students and make sure their voices are heard at the Union, the University and in the wider world.

Meanwhile, 67% of University of Southampton respondents agreed with the statement, ‘I feel part of a community of staff and students’, 86% agreed that the library resources available had supported their learning ‘well’ and 87% found their course to be ‘intellectually stimulating’. The full survey results are available here.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Christopher Snowden commented via a University press release on the overall results for the University:

This improvement compared with last year and especially our improved position against many of our competitors, is a further indication that our strategy is working. The hard work of colleagues across the University has led to improvements against last year in 20 of the 27 NSS questions. We should not be complacent though: there is still considerable scope for continued improvement in many areas.

While the results represent an improvement on NSS 2017, the University’s overall satisfaction rating has not yet returned to 2016 levels, when it scored an overall satisfaction rating of 86%.


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