Replacement for WebCat and Delphis Announced


Samuel Dedman, SUSU’s VP Education, has announced a new University of Southampton library search system that is designed to replace Delphis and WebCat.

The new system will be simply titled ‘Library Search’, and will be available to all staff and students from next week with an icon for Library Search available on everyone’s SUSSED and library web pages.

It will enable them to access all of the different libraries’ digital and physical collections all in one place.

Anything licensed by the University of Southampton Library will be available through this service, whether it be books, ebooks, electronic chapters, newspapers, journals and other scholarly materials.

To ease the transition period, WebCat and Delphis will still be available throughout Semester 1 while everyone gets used to the new system.

Commenting on the new system, Dedman said:

Instead of searching two systems there is one place to find all our collections and your library account details, to renew books, place requests for digital delivery of items from within our collections or other libraries, and to request books and journals from all our site libraries.

A page providing an introductory guide to the new Library Search service can be accessed by clicking here.


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