Reduced Printing Costs for University of Southampton Students


It’s been announced that printing costs for students will be lower this academic year.

In a SUSU blog post, VP Education Sam Dedman announced the changes to print pricing.

Printing prices will still vary based on the size of paper used; black and white or colour, and whether printing double or single-sided. As can be seen via the graphic below, the proportion of savings compared to last year’s equivalent costs consequently depends on a student’s printing specification. However, each new price is at least a 20% saving on the equivalent figure from last year.

In the blog post announcing the changes, Sam Dedman thanked ‘iSolutions, Apogee and most importantly our SUSU volunteers and Student Leaders for their hard work and persistence’. He said that he firmly believed that University of Southampton student printing costs had been  ‘too high in previous years, putting increased pressure on the finances of many of our students’ and was ‘thrilled’ with the revised printing prices. However, Dedman also added:

We’ll also continue to monitor the University’s printing offer to make sure that students are not only getting value-for-money, but are also using a service which is sustainable and fit-for-purpose.

Commenting on the changes in a SUSSED internal press release, outgoing iSolutions director Oz Parchment said:

We understand that printing costs was a concern for many of our students and we are delighted to be able to reduce the costs. The new printers also provide a more efficient and reliable service for all staff and students.

The topic of printing costs was a notable issue raised by students during Union Elections in March and specifically for the post of VP Education, with Sam Dedman promising to ‘secure a student-friendly University printing offer’.

Over the summer, Apogee became the University’s new printing service suppliers, with the University asserting that the new printing services would provide greater reliability and increased speed of printing. To find out more about how to use the new printers, click here. Money loaders in Hartley Library are no longer available to use to add cash into a print account. To top up credit at any time, you now must use


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