Transphobic Sticker Found in Union Building


Content Warning: Transphobia

Last night a student came across a sticker in the women’s bathroom of the Union Building with the slogan ‘Women Don’t Have Penises‘. The student took to Twitter to state that she was disgusted and angry at the transphobic message being posted on campus and asserted that after taking a picture of proof, she had removed the sticker with the use of a debit card, and urged students to stay safe:

The incident has been reported to officials at the university and sabbatical officers are working on finding out who is responsible for this atrocity so that they will face appropriate repercussions. Both Student Union President Emily Dawes and VP Welfare Isabella Camilleri took to Twitter to state that this form of hate speech will not be tolerated at the university, urging all students to alert the sabbatical officers if they spot any more of the hateful and discriminatory stickers, as well as to take any stickers down if found.

Other instances of transphobic stickers around universities have been reported recently, as can be seen by the fact that on the 4th October, PinkNews, a publication focusing on LGBTQ+ news, reported that anti-trans stickers were plastered all around Edinburgh, including around the university’s Student Association.

Wessex Scene reached out to the Southampton University LGBT+ Society, who released the following statement on the issue:

We want to take this opportunity to reiterate that the University of Southampton and SUSU is a diverse community which prides itself on acceptance of people of all gender and sexual identities. Transphobic language and hate speech has no place on our campus and will not be tolerated. We would urge anyone who sees these images to report them either to the LGBT+ Society at or directly to the SUSU president at

Editor’s Note:  This article originally referenced that similar transphobic paraphernalia had allegedly been put up elsewhere with razorblades behind them in order to avoid removal of the stickers. Wessex Scene would like to apologise for this prior reference and clarify that the British Transport Police investigated this incident and found ‘no evidence of this’, describing it as a hoax. 


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