SUSU VP Sport Steve Gore Asserts Threats Made Against Him


On Monday 5th October Steve Gore, SUSU’s Vice-President Sports, took to social media to address ‘threats to cause [him]physical harm’ he said he’d been made aware of. Wessex Scene understands that since his Facebook post, Steve Gore has received a full apology and as a result, no further action will be taken.

The threats, he claimed, were related to the grants given to sport groups at the University. In his social media post he went on to state that he was left feeling ‘unsafe’ and having to ‘second guess’ going to friends’ events due to the threats faced. Gore elaborated:

I believe that some students think this kind of behaviour is okay because I am one of you and I am elected by the student body. If anything, that should make it worse. I love University sport. I think it is one of the most influential and positive aspects of student life and I want to help every student access it.

He also encouraged students to engage in dialogue with SUSU and himself if issues arose:

I am always transparent with students and if anyone has a problem with the work I am doing I would encourage them to engage with me rather than assuming I’m out to get them. My door is always open.

Within his post on 5th October, Steve Gore stated that, in terms of grant funding, SUSU has one of the largest student union budgets in the UK for sports societies and that sports grant funding is actually decided by the student-run Athletics Union committee. Steve Gore also disclosed that he understood that other student union officers around the country may have experienced similar behaviour:

My colleagues in SUSU and other sabbatical officers up and down the country will understand my frustration – some of them have also found themselves in similar situations. I appreciate and am always in awe of the passion of students who engage in sport, however this can sometimes become misguided and manifest itself in hugely negative behaviour among certain circles.


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