Over 400 Back Petition for The New Southampton University Vice-Chancellor to Take a Pay Cut


An online petition is urging for the next Vice-Chancellor to receive a salary that is ‘no more than 20 times the salary of the lowest paid employee in the University’ alongside other requests such as avoiding ‘further unnecessary and unhelpful restructuring’

Following Sir Christopher Snowden’s announcement of his retirement in September, the University is making preparations for his replacement – which includes giving the students a say in the type of attributes they want for their future Vice-Chancellor.

The petition was started by Amanda Bitouche, a representative of the University College Union (UCU) – the same organisation that voted on and led the strikes last year as a result of lecturers’ pensions being at risk.

As well as the strikes, the Vice-Chancellor has faced criticisms due to his high salary and controversial restructuring ideas – something the UCU hope will change with this petition.

A University spokesperson has said:

As part of the recruitment process for the new President/Vice-Chancellor we’re making it possible for all staff and students to provide input.

You can view the full petition here.


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