SUSU Survey of Students on Topic of Sustainability


SUSU are launching a survey this week which will last until the end of February, to find out about student thoughts on sustainability and whether the University is environmentally friendly.

Lucy Stephenson, SUSU’s Ethics and Environment Officer, explained to Wessex Scene:

The aim of the survey is to enable union staff to understand the sustainability priorities of students to accurately represent them to the university, have solid data to show that students care about specific issues and also to utilise the amazing ideas that we know students have for change. It’s a chance for all students to have their say about sustainability at the university.

In 2017 People & Planet ranked the University as the 93rd most sustainable in the UK.

Credit: SUSU.

In the past year, SUSU have taken a number of measures to improve sustainability, including the establishment in February of an Eco range in the SUSU shop on Redbrick. By early November, the range had sold:

  • 378 bamboo toothbrushes
  • 574 metal straws
  • 733 Keep Cups

Meanwhile, a range of sustainable products have been introduced including 100% vegan, biodegradable cotton ear buds, metal reusable cutlery and new cups for hot drinks in SUSU outlets which are recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Additionally, prior to Christmas, SUSU and the University held an event to encourage student and public engagement with the University’s “Air Quality Forum”, a platform designed to bring University researchers together to try to tackle air quality issues like improved monitoring systems.

The survey, which like SUSU’s concurrent website survey only takes a couple of minutes to complete, focuses particularly on student knowledge and opinions of the University’s waste recycling facilities. To access the survey, click here.


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