National Student Survey Emailed to All Final Year Undergraduate Students Today, on 7th February


The annual National Student Survey (NSS) will be sent by email to every final year undergraduate student today.

Run by pollsters Ipsos MORI since 2005, the NSS offers the chance for final year students to give their views on their experiences at university. All final year students will receive an email today inviting them to participate. Alternatively, students can also fill it out at any time before 30th April on the NSS website.

SUSU VP Education Sam Dedman stressed the importance of the survey to Wessex Scene:

This week is an exciting one at Southampton as it marks the start of the National Student Survey 2019. This survey is available mainly to final-year undergraduate students and represents one of the most complete sets of data exploring a students’ experience at Southampton. Your SUSU Academic Representatives make use of this feedback on a regular basis as part of their drive to improve the student experience and represent your academic interests, and feedback in previous years has allowed SUSU to lobby for cheaper printing costs and improved resources in many of our Library sites. I’d wholeheartedly encourage eligible students to participate in the survey and make sure that their voice is heard!

He also added about other surveys currently taking place of all undergraduate students outside of the NSS grouping and for postgraduate students too:

It is also worth remembering that the NSS isn’t the only survey running at the moment. The Southampton Student Survey is there to capture the views of all undergraduate students outside of the NSS cohort, and the Postgraduate Taught and Postgraduate Research Experience Surveys do much the same for our postgraduate students. These are all fantastic avenues for feedback, so please make sure you complete those too if you have the opportunity.

Underlining the value place on response rates to these surveys, the University of Southampton has pledged to make a £1 donation to the Student Support Fund for every completed response (up to a maximum of 10,000) to a qualifying student feedback survey. The NSS, Southampton Student Survey and both postgraduate surveys referenced by Sam Dedman count as ‘qualifying student feedback surveys’.

Additionally, individual departments are also offering further incentives for NSS participation. For example, all final year History undergraduate students are eligible for a chocolate bar and a £2.50 token for Avenue Café, while the first 200 responses will go into a prize draw for £25 of printer credits. The History department have also told final year students that a draw will be made for four £50 Amazon gift vouchers, provided 60% of all final years have completed the survey by 21st February.

On Thursday, when the survey opens, student helpers will also be visible on the long corridors at Avenue Campus wearing branded T-shirts.

The results of last year’s NSS survey saw overall improved rates of student satisfaction at the University of Southampton, including a 7% rise in the number of students satisfied with the student union’s representation.

Editor’s Note: If you are a department of the University and would like to highlight your own departmental incentives for student participation in the NSS or the other surveys mentioned in this article, please contact or


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