Update: Burst Main Causing Loss of Water on Highfield Campus Fixed


Update – The University of Southampton experienced ‘water loss’ on Highfield Campus due to a burst main for approximately an hour between 12:30 and 13:30, but normal supply of water has now resumed.

In an update confirming water supply had been restored, the University cautioned that ‘water may initially be discoloured’. Meanwhile, a University spokesperson told Wessex Scene:

We’re grateful to students and staff for their patience during the period we were without mains water and appreciate the efforts made by Southern Water to resolve the problem as quickly as possible and keep disruption to Highfield to a minimum.

As a result of the burst main, the following areas were temporarily closed, but by no later than 16:30pm, were all reopened:

  • Pret (Highfield Campus)
  • Costa Coffee (Highfield Campus)
  • Early Years Centre
  • Jubilee Sports Centre (Highfield Campus)

The Bridge and Stag’s also stopped serving any food and a member of SUSU staff was seen carrying crates of water from the shop.

Southern Water, who are responsible for water supply in Southampton, posted an update on their website at 12:27pm:

We are aware of a burst in SO16. Our team is on the way to investigate and make the necessary repairs. Sometimes repairs take longer than we’d like, as we need to complete numerous checks and tests. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank you for your patience.

A subsequent update by Southern Water at 13:12pm said that the water supply in the area should return to normal shortly and for customers to ‘please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused’.

Some houses close to Highfield Campus and in the SO16 postcode area were also affected. Hartley Library remained open.

Meanwhile, it’s been confirmed that normal water supply was still operating throughout in the following areas:

  • Avenue Campus
  • Boldrewood Campus
  • Building 35
  • Building 40 (catering outlets)
  • All halls of residence

One student has seen the lighter side of the water problems, commenting to Wessex Scene that it was ‘really funny s&w [Sport and Wellbeing] staff telling people they can’t come in due to lack of water – while stood next to the pool’.


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