University of Southampton Sports Strategy Student Consultation at 6pm on 18 February


SUSU and the University of Southampton are holding a student consultation on the future sports strategy of the University today at 6pm in Building 46, Room 3001.

The description for the event on Facebook details that in the last two years the main organisers of sport at the University have been ‘drafting a comprehensive strategy that will rethink everything we do for sport, in the hope that we can create a truly competitive and accessible offer for sport and health in Southampton’.

The strategy has been revised several times already and is now subject to feedback from students at the consultation this evening. Currently, its ‘core principles’ consist of ‘a customer focused, student led sports offer that doesn’t compromise on quality and recognises the myriad of benefits of sports and an active lifestyle by investing into it rather than expecting it to pay for itself ‘. The eventual strategy settled upon will influence the way sport is conducted and made available to students at the University in the years to come.

Associate Director of Student Services and Chair of the Sport Experience Board Emma Rowsell will present the currently planned strategy first at the consultation. The floor will then be open to feedback and questions from students, with Emma Rowsell and VP Sports Steve Gore chairing.

All students are invited, not just members of the 86 Athletics Union sports clubs and the 107 intramural teams. To pre-book a place, click here. Students with questions prior to the event are advised to contact Steve Gore via


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