10+ Student Societies Plan Letter to Object to Henry Hill’s Disqualification from Elections


In the latest development in the Henry Hill disqualification story, Wessex Scene can reveal that society heads are teaming up to send a letter to SUSU objecting to the former Union President candidate’s disqualification.

Earlier today, Wessex Scene broke the story of Henry Hill’s disqualification by the Union Senate due to the breaching of election by-laws and guidance. As well as publishing in full the Returning Officer’s statement on the matter, we also reported on Henry Hill’s public response on his Facebook campaign page. To view these in full, click here.

Update – the linked article also contains the full details of the candidate by-law and guidance breaches which led to Henry Hill’s disqualification.

Credit: Ivan Morris Poxton

Some society heads do not accept the verdict that’s been reached though and are teaming up on a shared Google Doc to pen a letter to SUSU. The letter, pictured above, currently reads thus:

Dear SUSU election team,

We are writing to you as student leaders from across the university community. Because of our roles as society committee members, it is our duty to engage in student politics and it is our right to have a say in the running of our student union.

We are outraged to see that one of the presidential candidates, Henry Hill, has had his candidacy forcibly ‘withdrawn’. We believe that this is not in the best interest of the election as it is undemocratic and goes against the values our union should be upholding.

This does not give students the chance to have their voices heard and makes this whole election an embarrassment for the university. Therefore, we implore you to retract this decision and reinstate Henry Hill for nomination.

Yours sincerely

Your student leaders.

At the time of publication, there were a total of 13 different societal signings of the letter, ranging from society Presidents to social secretaries, to societies as a whole. At least three different student society zones are also represented.


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